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Coquet Island

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Map of Coquet Island Coquet Island lies about 2km offshore due east of Amble harbour.

Small and rocky, topped with the lighthouse it has a varied history starting with St Cuthbert who occupied a Benedictine cell on the island until 684, St Henry of Coquet dwelt here in the 11thC and in 1645 the Scots defeated a garrison of 200 men to capture it!

Now owned by the RSPB the island is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, and no landing is allowed except in an emergency.

This trip is well worth while in the spring just to see the birds nesting on the island. Please take care not to disturb them.

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Distance 9km from Amble yacht club and back, similar from Bondi Carrs. The trip can be extended along the coast or incorporated into the Boulmer to Amble trip.

Launch either from the slipway beside the yacht club on the south side of the river or from the sandy beach of Little shore just inside the breakwater on the south.

Keep to the north as you paddle out of the harbour to avoid any fishing boats entering or leaving the harbour.

There can be strong flows out of the harbour particularly on the ebb Spring tide and when the river Coquet is in spate, and on a falling tide the flow out of the harbour can be fierce, also a sand bar across the entrance can kick up a confused sea with surfable waves especially with a swell. NOT a good place for a capsize!

Paddle out of the harbour and across to the island and circumnavigate the island exploring the North Steel and South Steel rocky reefs before passing the little sandy beach lying beneath the lighthouse. Check the wind vane on top of the lighthouse as usually something is nesting on top of it. I can never decide whether the nest rotates with the wind direction.

Cross back to the mainland south of the harbour and rock hop your way back to your launch site.

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There are three main launch sites for trips around Coquet Island.

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