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Sea Kayaking in the Northeast of England

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Boulmer to Amble

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Boulmer to Amble Map This again is a lovely trip with something for everyone, long sandy beaches, rocky headlands, and lovely tiny fishing harbours and villages.

There is little tidal flow along this section of the coast, until you reach Amble and Coquet Island.

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Distance 11km from Boulmer Haven to Amble, can be extended to include a trip around Coquet Island, an additional 5km.

Fishing cobbles at Boulmer Boulmer has a long tradition of rum smuggling which is I am sure undeserved! Also a lifeboat was stationed here between 1825 and 1968 with a long list of rescues.

Launching from Boulmer Haven head out through the narrow entrance in the rocks and turn south past Marmouth Scars and round Seaton Point and past the sandy beach of Seaton Bay.

Rounding Marden Rocks the picturesque village of Alnmouth comes into sight. During the 17th/18th Centuries Alnmouth was an important port mainly for the export of grain. Previously the River Aln reached the sea further south but on Christmas Eve 1806 a heavy storm sealed that opening in the dunes and blasted another opening beside the town, in the process making the harbour much less viable and isolating the small chapel with it's Saxon cross that can be seen on the dune immediately across the river from the town. Also as some the defeated Spanish ships from the Amada sailed up this coast thy paused to take potshots at Alnmouth church's steeple, perhaps it was their target practice day! They missed the steeple but managed to demolish a barn some distance inland.

The long sandy beach of Alnmouth Bay stretches before you with Amble and Coquet Island still 7km in the future. As you approach the fishing town of Amble the castle of Warkworth appears just inland of you.

Alnmouth Just to the north of the breakwater at Amble is a fine surfing beach. Take care as you round the breakwater into Amble harbour to avoid the numerous fishing lines, and the potentially annoyed people fishing from the south arm of the breakwater.

On a falling tide the flow out of the harbour can be fierce, also a sand bar across the entrance can kick up surfable waves with a swell. NOT a good place for a capsize! Keep to the north as you paddle into the harbour to avoid any fishing boats entering or leaving the harbour.

Land either at the sandy beach of Little shore on the south just inside the breakwater or paddle 1km into the harbour past the new marina to the slipway beside the yacht club on the south side of the river. There can be strong flows out of the harbour particularly on the ebb Spring tide and when the river Coquet is in spate.

Above the yacht club the river can be followed up to and beyond a weir (which is covered at half tide) to the village of Warkworth with its lovely castle built in 1140.

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There are four main launch sites for trips along this stretch of the coast.

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