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Sea Kayaking in the Northeast of England

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Berwick to Eyemouth

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This trip is from Berwick going north to Eyemouth.
The initial cliffs consist of sandstone, rising sheer to 50m and inundated with numerous sea caves.
Beyond Burnmouth the cliffs become igneous rock with many sea stacks and islets.
Tidal flows are minimal but the trip is best undertaken in calm conditions and around high water so as to gain access to the caves.

At low water you are forced away from the cliffs by the low rock outcrops extending from their base which are covered at high water.

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Distance 10.5km from Berwick to Burnmouth, with Eyemouth 5km beyond.
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Launch from Meadow Haven at Berwick and turn north past Fisherman's Haven with the holiday centre in view at the top of the cliffs.
Follow the coastline exploring the numerous caves and indentations with the sandstone cliffs becoming more sheer and higher as you progress. See if you can find the short tunnel that you can paddle through.

You may wish to land on the beach at Marshall Meadows Bay and clamber up the rocks to the left explore the tunnel cut through the rock which goes to Marshall Meadows campsite.
Continue, the cliffs still with numerous caves and the occasional sea stack till you reach Burnmouth harbour, a tiny harbour nestling with it's small collection of houses at the base of the cliffs. It does make you wonder how they survive in a strong easterly storm, especially as the cliff behind them is now on the move.

Beyond Burnmouth the cliffs change character, becoming igneous, heavily indented with many small islets and stacks.
Rounding Nestends, Eyemouth suddenly shows itself immediately before you, with the tiny entrance into the harbour.
If you do decide to investigate the harbour before landing on the beach carefully check for any fishing boats entering or leaving the harbour. It is very narrow and they take no prisoners!

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